Josh Zepnick

Josh Zepnick
Candidate For Assembly District 09

Josh Zepnick

Candidate Background


734-A S 36th St
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Candidate Biography

Josh Zepnick was born and raised in Milwaukee. He was born March 21, 1968 to Jeri and Gordon Zepnick who still live in the district today. Josh graduated from Rufus King High School, has a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, and received a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Minnesota in 1998. 

Representative Zepnick is a full-time Legislator and was a former Project consultant for the Milwaukee Jobs Initiative, Milwaukee Community Service Corps, and Urban Economic Development Association of Wisconsin. Josh has also served as a Research Associate at the Center for Democracy and Citizenship; he is a former Aide to State Senator Bob Jauch and Congressman David R. Obey. Representative Zepnick was elected to the Assembly 2002; reelected since 2004. 

Representative Zepnick is a member of the Jackson Park Neighborhood Association, Jackson Park Business Association, South Side Business Club. Josh is also a former member of the UFCW, Local 1444.