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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Millie Coby

Candidate For Assembly District 10

Millie Coby

Candidate Background


P.O. Box 11663
Shorewood, WI 53211

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Candidate Biography

Mildred L. Coby is running for State Representative for Wisconsin’s 10th Assembly District. She is a Wisconsin native and grew up around 24th and Capitol, which was part of the 10th District prior to 2011 redistricting.  With her passion and heart for people, community, education and justice, she decided to attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Here she received her Master’s degree in Community Education with emphasis on Urban Education and her Bachelor of Science degree in Education. She is an alumnus of Emerge Wisconsin, a training program to encourage and prepare women to run for political office.
She has experience as an intern working in the Criminal Division at the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office. Ms. Coby is an Executive Director of Ecumenical-COGIC service, which encompasses leadership development, organization and outreach. She is a motivational life coach for the Career Youth Development (CYD) founded by Jeannetta Robinson and for the Homicide Victim Groups. She is an advocate for those who are disenfranchised. She has marched down Wisconsin Avenue with thousands in the Justice for Jude March. Ms. Coby has over 20 years of community service experience in non-profit organizing, education, finances, and advocating for underprivileged people, just to name a few. She is an elected executive board member of the NAACP and is an executive board member of CBC (Community Brainstorming Conference), which is a pulse of community issues and awareness
on local, state and national levels.
Her gift of helping without preference is why she enjoys missionary work as a licensed minister in her parent
organization, Church of God in Christ. Ms. Coby is a standing member of Christian Faith Fellowship Church. She is
the author of a self-published book entitled Don’t Settle for the Crumbs that is a self-help book for those who are in a
position in life where they have to start over and start better.
Ms. Coby has organized and planned various curriculums for conferences that educate people in the area of
community, economical and health related tools from all over the nation. Her love for children and education for all
people is why she has worked as an on-call substitute teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools in classrooms with
underprivileged children with learning disabilities.
Her upbringing in the urban area has sparked her common concern for everyday people. Ms. Coby’s love for justice
and equality has been the driving force for her desire to be a community liaison. She is the founder of There is Hope, a
community arm that provides aid to more than 400 single parents in getting high school diplomas, higher education, job
preparation and renewed hope. She truly works to energize job development.
Ms. Coby realizes the significance of education, employment, and providing a healthy and safe home environment.
Also there is a great need for financial provision in assisting families who are struggling with losing their homes due to
foreclosures in the 10th Assembly District. She feels strongly about restoring funds that were removed or not provided
to our schools. Our children are some of our most precious possessions. We need to make sure their education is
valued because they are our future.
Ms. Coby currently resides in Shorewood within the 10th Assembly District. Her son Quintin attends Shorewood High