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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ryan Ferguson

Candidate For Assembly District 05

Ryan Ferguson

Candidate Background


2318 Olde Country Cir.
Kaukauna, WI 54130-3771

Candidate Biography

From candidate Facebook page

My name is Ryan Ferguson and I am running for state assembly, district 5. I have decided to do so because I feel I can no longer stand on the sidelines while the current extremists controlling our state continue to push a national radical agenda while completely shutting out the very people who sent them there to be their voice.

Think back to where you were at 8AM on September 11th, 2001. You know exactly where you were that morning, don't you? Do you remember the following days? People across the country and the state were united like never before. Even George W Bush had a 90% approval rating. Now lets fast forward to 2011. Wisconsin has done a complete 180 from that unified feeling we had during the aftermath of 9/11. The hyper-polarization of some newly elected extremists we have seen in DC is happening in Wisconsin too. Big money lobbying groups such as the Koch brothers funded Americans for Prosperity and corporation driven American Legislative Exchange Council(ALEC)have taken complete control over our states government. I am running in hopes to give a voice in Madison to the people of the 5th assembly district. I don't belong to any special interest or lobbying group such as ALEC so my concerns are for the people. I refuse to sit idle while this state has been divided, out of control big government continues to take away peoples' rights, constant bad economic decisions are put into place, and jobs are hemorrhaging. All this at a time when we can see the light at the end of the tunnel of the recession and need to be coming together and unite again like we did after 9/11.

I feel it's important to let you know where I stand on some of the more important issues facing the state right now. Although as a representative of the people, the peoples' voice is what is really important to me. I would not be going to Madison to represent Ryan Ferguson, and absolutely won't be representing lobbyists, but I would be going to do what is best for the 5th assembly district.

Open and Transparent Government-

Over the last year and a half the public has been cut out of the democratic process like I've never seen before. We've seen bills rushed though with little or no public testimony; or there were public hearing were the peoples' opinions were ignored. The Republicans, including Jim Steineke, all signed secrecy agreements to completely shut out the public. If elected, not only would the public input be important to me, but I would do my best to include the public in the legislative process. Things like monthly informal gatherings or listening sessions would be important to me. Also, if elected I would NEVER sign a secrecy agreement. I find such practices complete unethical and they have no place a democracy.

Human Rights-

The Republican war on women is completely inexcusable. WI has seen multiple anti-woman laws passed in this past year. Not only have we seen repeal of measures to ensure equal pay for equal work for women (which was co-sponsored by Jim Steineke), we've seen laws that can actually criminalize doctors for doing what is best for THEIR patients. How overbearing has our government become when they are restricting medical care for women?

Workers Rights-

Because I am a firm believer in demand side economics, I am a supporter of organized labor, and I feel the right to organize is a good mechanism for workers to earn a good wage and improve working conditions. The income gap in this country has never been wider and I feel a strong middle class is important to a healthy economy.


Being a product of public schools, I believe in them and support them. The public school system accepts everyone and I've seen public schools work for people of all backgrounds, from the academically elite to people with special needs. I also believe we will need a strong, educated work force in the future. Last year we saw the largest cut to education in our state's history.

Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoors-

As a hunter, I am a strong supporter of hunting and firearm rights. Wisconsin has a tradition of hunting and outdoor activities that are able to bring family and friends closer together and can be passed down form generation to generation. In order to keep the vast Wisconsin resources pristine, we need to make sure the environment is protected long into the future. That way it can be enjoyed by both humans and animals alike for generations to come.

Economic Development-

Being a former small business owner, I understand and sympathize with the problems that face new and small businesses. These issues are important to me because being able to own and grow your own business is what American capitalism is all about!