Andrew Zuelke

Andrew Zuelke
Candidate For State Treasurer

Andrew Zuelke

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578 Eureka St., Ripon WI

Phone Number: 
(920) 748-7296

Candidate Biography

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Andrew Zuelke is a native Wisconsinite born in Madison on Nov. 3, 1968.  He was raised on the family farm in Marquette County and graduated from Westfield High School in 1987.  He moved to Ripon in December 1988 and has lived there ever since.  

From 1998 to 2002, Andrew was an  independent correspondent for the Fond du Lac Reporter newspaper having 120 of his local human interest articles published there.  He's worked full-time at an appliance manufacturer, a printing company and a silk screening company. Since 2010, Andrew has worked at a paper converting company and in 2012 was promoted to be their first quality technician.  He also does plant-wide inventory and other special projects there.

In 2011, the Ripon City Council appointed Andrew as a citizen member to the Board of Zoning Appeals (alt.) and in 2012, the city council also appointed him to the Cable TV Advisory Committee and is now the committee's vice chairman.  He is a former state chairman of the Constitution Party of Wisconsin and is currently the counties chairman of the Dodge/Fond du Lac Constitution Party.

If elected, Andrew will fight for and believes Wisconsin needs a brand new tax code not just patches on the current complex tax code and he will root out waste and fraud.  Andrew also wants the duties of state treasurer restored and believes that in order to maintain a republic form of government you need checks and balances and elected officers with real powers and accountability.   

Andrew believes it is dishonest to strip the duties of treasurer away and then use the lack of duties as the argument to eliminate the office.  He believes the office of treasurer is not "outdated" or "obsolete" but has been deliberately gutted.  He believes people should have more ballot choices and more say in their government, not less.