Beau Liegeois

Beau Liegeois
Candidate For U.S. Representative District 8

Beau Liegeois

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720 McCastlen St., Green Bay, WI 54301

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Beau Liegeois is a lifelong Green Bay native, an assistant district attorney in Brown County, and a member of the Wisconsin Army National Guard. Now, Beau is running for Congress in the 8th District.

Liegeois was born and raised in the Green Bay area, and now is raising his own family in this community. A product of Green Bay public schools, Beau graduated from Green Bay Southwest High School in 2000. While studying at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and Valparaiso University School of Law in Indiana, Beau came home every summer and winter break to work at the Green Bay Packers Pro Shop in order to help pay his school expenses. In 2010, he was commissioned as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army and continues to serve in the judge advocate general’s corps as a captain.

Beau’s decision to run for office came as he saw Congress repeatedly fail to meet the needs of the proud working people of northeastern Wisconsin. He watched as career politicians campaigned with catchy slogans, but once in office did nothing to actually help the middle-class families they were supposed to be serving. As a new father, Beau realized that unless new people -- ones committed to changing the way Washington works -- stepped up to run for office, his infant daughter would not have the same opportunities he did only a decade or two ago.

The chaos in Washington over the bill that would have stripped millions of people of their health care, while doing nothing to reduce health care costs, crystallized Beau’s decision to run. Despite the fact that the bill would have devastated families in this community, our current congressman voted for it. Beau believes Democrats and Republicans in Washington have an obligation to work to improve the current system, which still leaves too many Wisconsinites without affordable access to care. He knows this first hand - when his daughter was born last year, despite being fully insured, he and his wife were billed over $3,000 for her delivery in out-of-pocket expenses. In Congress, Beau will work to fix the Affordable Care Act and live up to the values with which he was raised by his parents and grandparents -- to heal the sick and care for the elderly. Beau will work with anyone who shares his goal of increased access to health care and reducing the costs.

Beau is a member of the De Pere Sportsmen’s Club, an avid bass fisherman, and serves as the mock trial coach for Green Bay East High School. He and his wife, Katie, from New Franken, are members of Resurrection Catholic Church in Allouez. Their daughter, Evelyn Rey, recently celebrated her first birthday.