Erin Tracy

Erin Tracy
Candidate For Assembly District 40

Erin Tracy

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N1240 County Road U, Weyauwega, WI 54983

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From candidate's Facebook page

I am a Wisconsin native and the daughter of two nurses. My father works with homeless veterans in Milwaukee and my mother is an administrator for a health care organization in southeastern Wisconsin. My heart, however, is firmly rooted around rural Fremont and Weyauwega.

My grandpa was a dairy farmer on his small family farm for 30 years and my grandma worked at the bank in town. Some of my fondest memories involved chasing barn cats, exploring Hartman's Creek, and swimming in the Wolf River. Even those summer weeks shoveling manure are anchored in my memory as parts of our rural life to be proud of.

With my MFA and minor in educational theory, I jumped at the chance to live and work in Waupaca County. I enjoy working with the Waupaca Community Arts Board and have started my own retail business. But I am concerned.

What about the political environment my husband and I are raising our son, Oscar, in? After all the catastrophic cuts in education we have only begun to repair the damage done to rural schools since 2005. Teachers must be respected as dedicated professionals and we must give rural students the same support their urban counterparts enjoy.

And how can we better ensure my grandpa will have the support he needs in retirement? Those in power keep playing games with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. After a lifetime of hard work, surely our parents and grandparents should receive the money they put aside via FICA. The value of the Safety Net has long been demonstrated. It has increased the stability of the nation. Witnessing politicians attack my family and friends as if receiving Social Security was a moral failing angers me.

In addition, isn't every taxpayer deserving of the fiscal responsibility we expect of ourselves? Enough toying with the transportation budget. We can afford to quit making our vehicles slog through potholes and broken pavement. And as an events coordinator and regional organizer for an all volunteer group I have been, and will continue to be, committed to working against all forms of corruption. We need to demand that all government officials have a higher standard of honesty. I will not send my son to school where they allow name calling. Why can't we hold the party in power to the same standard?

As your 40th Assembly representative I will never forget the beauty of the people and land in Waupaca and Waushara counties ... or the smell of political manure (much worse than the real stuff)! We need to stop having politicians who put maintaining power ahead of our rural priorities!