Gabriel Gomez

Gabriel Gomez
Candidate For Assembly District 21

Gabriel Gomez

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700 Hillcrest Ave. South, Milwaukee, WI 53172

Candidate Biography

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Gabriel was born in Venezuela in 1976 to parents who fled the military dictatorship of Argentina.

In 1982, his family once more relocated to Israel, where they lived in a Kibbutz until 1991. While living in Israel, Gabriel witnessed the stress that war can bring onto a civilian population. In the build-up to the first Gulf War, and in fear of Saddam Hussein’s chemical stockpile, the Israeli government issued civilians gas masks and instructed the population to seal their houses.

"I remember clearly helping my parents tape plastic coverings on windows and placing a towel soaked in baking soda on the door seal," recalled Gabriel. "The morning the war erupted, my father, who was in the IDF, came home before dawn, told us to get up, have the gas masks ready, and make sure we seal the door with plastic as soon as he leaves. He left just as quickly as he came and my mom was left with my sister and me, infinite questions, and, what I can only imagine was a crushing fear."

Shortly after the war, Gabriel’s father got an opportunity to work in Longview, Texas, and in the summer of 1991, they relocated to start a new life. Gabriel Graduated Pine Tree High School in 1995, enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves, and left for San Diego, California shortly after to begin boot camp. "Though I am very proud of my service, I don’t wear the title ‘vet’ on my sleeve; I was very fortunate to never have been in battle or have enemy fire pointed in my direction," explained Gabriel. He was honorably discharged in 2002.

In the spring of 2000, Gabriel and his family moved to Milwaukee hoping to find a job with Badger Meter (where his father worked at the time). Though that didn’t pan out, he found a successful career as a service technician with a medical device company based out of Ohio and he’s been with them since July of 2000. While working full time, Gabriel found the time to finish a BS in management from MSOE in 2010 and later an Executive MBA from UW-Milwaukee in 2013.

Gabriel and his family have been living in South Milwaukee since 2001. Both of his children attend South Milwaukee School District and his wife works as a daycare teacher. His son is in the 6th grade and his daughter is graduating this year and is headed to Stanford University this fall to study political science and economics. They have two wonderful dogs. A 10-year-old Boxer called POTUS (yes… the President Of The United States), and a 4-year-old Sheppard mix called Carlos.