John Rocco Calabrese

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Candidate For Assembly District 29

John Rocco Calabrese

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E580 County Road X, Glenwood City, WI 54013

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John Rocco Calabrese was born in 1976. His father, the son of Italian immigrants, was a game warden. His mother is a lawyer still practicing at 73 years young. 

Rocco Calabrese was an apprentice woodworker for two years. He moved onto a large cabinet shop where he became a department supervisor advocating for dozens of employees. Now, Rocco Calabrese owns and operates a small, one man woodworking/carpentry shop. He and his wife live with their two sons in Tiffany Township, Dunn County.

Rocco Calabrese also was the legislative director of an all-volunteer anti-corruption group where he helped guide the efforts of concerned Republicans and Democrats leading to the introduction of anti-corruption resolutions in the state Legislature in two consecutive legislative sessions. 

Meeting and debating with many legislators in Madison has helped give Rocco Calabrese the experience to speak with knowledge and dedication for the people of western Wisconsin. 

Rocco Calabrese pledges to never take large special interest donations, and to constantly call out the corruption that we all live with on a daily basis. 

This bio, from the candidate's campaign website, has been edited for brevity and clarity.