Ken Yorgan

Ken Yorgan
Candidate For U.S. Representative District 1

Ken Yorgan

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4601 Washington Ave., Racine, WI. 53405 

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I see no other purpose for being in the House of Representatives than to advocate for the citizens of the 1st District and the policy positions that we support.  That means speaking with the other members in a collegial but purposeful manner when advocating for district interests, and developing a staff that is capable of and willing to review and discuss legislative proposals as a team. 

I believe it is also important to have staff members who can accept and process requests for assistance from the electorate in situations where they find themselves in need of or in conflict with, some federal agency.  I see a congressional office as being very much a team of people, led by the representative, whose sole purpose is advocate for the constituents and the policies that will best serve them.  And to be clear, I will always place the greatest emphasis on the needs and concerns of those who face the greatest challenges.