Maggie Turnbull

Maggie Turnbull
Candidate For Governor

Maggie Turnbull

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2613 Waunona Way
Madison, WI 53713-1524

Candidate Biography

From candidate's Facebook page

Dr. Margaret "Maggie" Turnbull is a Wisconsin native and astronomer who is leading nationwide science teams to build NASA missions to discover planets and life beyond our solar system. She is an avid deer hunter and fisherwoman who enjoys tapping sugar maples and keeping honey bees. maggie served as an elected official on the Antigo Common Council and she founded the Antigo Farmers Market. She wasnts to offer all Wisconsin voters an Independent option on the ballot this year as an exciting alternative to the "two party system" driven by money and outside interests. 

Maggie's running mate for lieutenent governor is Wil Losch of Rhinelander, Wisconsin. He is a high school history teacher and an outdoor classroom innovator. They stand for:

- fiscal responsibility and transparency in how our tax dollars are spent
- restoring a legislative process based on productive discussion, respect for many viewpoints, and policities that have support from many sectors
- adequatley funded schools with strong science programs, including frequent interaction with the natural world and exploration-based learning
- restoring our natural resources with a special emphasis on waterways and groundwater protection and protecting our lands form being degraded by iterest from outside our state
- a focus in public schools on the emotional well being of children, including teaching young people how to handle difficult emotions and feel more connected
- getting people who are serving time for victimless crimes back into productive society
- creating a new "Wisconsin Idea" that honors our connection to the land and our ability to solve problems with creativity and hard work