Reese Wood

Reese Wood
Candidate For Assembly District 45

Reese Wood

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1149 Hinsdale Ave., Beloit, WI 53511

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(608) 313-4282
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From candidate's Facebook page

I grew up in Wisconsin’s 45th district. I’ve lived here, worked here, and I currently raise my family in the 45th district. The 45th has been my home and I plan on staying here. Partisan politics and representation has had a negative fiscal impact on the 45th and on our state, and the social impact has been disastrous. People, not politics, are the solution.

Too many elected representatives have not considered how to utilize technology, communication, and representation to YOUR full advantage. Inefficient representation leads to money leaving local communities, only to come up short when funds are truly needed for essential local demands.

I advocate for personal liberty, economic freedom, and limited government. I support reducing state and federal influence on local governments. I know the people of the 45th. Together we can figure out how to meet our demands. WE can provide jobs, opportunity, and real value now and for future generations. Working together we can reach peaceful and prosperous results.