Scott Allen

Scott Allen
Candidate For Assembly District 97

Scott Allen

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S42W25312 Dale Dr., Waukesha, WI 53189

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I was born and raised in Wisconsin. However, when you get comfortable with a place, you tend to take things for granted. After going to school at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Waukesha, and eventually Milwaukee, I chose to attend graduate school in California.

Prior to that my only times out of Wisconsin were the two summers I spent in training for the Army – first at Fort Knox in Kentucky and then at Fort Harrison in Indiana.

I must admit that sunny southern California was very attractive to me at the age of 23.

So what is so great about Wisconsin? Well, having spent four years in Los Angeles, I often joke that our cold weather in Wisconsin preserves our high quality of life. It is like how a freezer preserves food.

After completing graduate school at the University of Southern California in 1992 and working for a short period of time, my wife and I made the decision to move back to Wisconsin. We knew we wanted to start a family and that there was no place better than Wisconsin to raise children.

When we moved back I started my career in real estate. I knew that I wanted to do some land development work, but I wanted practical sales experience first, plus I needed to make some money. It’s hard to do land development without capital.

Real estate sales gave me insights into what a high quality of life is really about. I found that an excellent education is important for the students, the parents, and the community, and that when the educational system is strong the community is strong. It also became evident to me how important it is to keep housing affordable because neighborhoods are safer and people are more committed to their community when they are homeowners.