Scott Gavin

Scott Gavin
Candidate For Assembly District 03

Scott Gavin

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1821 Basswood Lane, Little Chute, WI 54140

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I am a lifelong Wisconsinite who will fight for our shared Wisconsin values. I grew up in the western part of the state, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have spent the last 11 years in Little Chute. I am the proud father of Elsa, Nathan and Clara and very lucky husband to Trisha, a Fox Valley native.  Looking out for my family and fighting for their future is my number one priority.

​My story is the classic American story. My Dad was a public school agriculture teacher and my mom split time between staying at home and working as a laboratory technician for hospitals and clinics around Eau Claire. We had great public schools and most opportunities were seemingly ours -- even though we didn't have the most money.

​It may be a cliché now, but they lived the American Dream and fully expected future generations to keep that dream alive. Unfortunately, recent years have not been kind to our shared Wisconsin values or the American Dream. Income polarization is at record levels. Good jobs, in Wisconsin-native industries, are being outsourced or automated. Common-sense compromise and civil discourse are increasingly rare. Bipartisan support for public education -- the foundation of our communities -- is fading. Our state infrastructure, once a source of great pride, is being neglected. All of this must change. I will fight every day to ensure it does.

​As a technology consultant in Northeastern Wisconsin, I work with small to mid-sized businesses and schools every day to ensure they're doing the most with less. I see the effects of bad state policy every day and believe our state government should pursue an agenda that benefits all of us. I'm not a career politician but I am a student of political history and public policy. We're living an uncharted political moment and it's time for those of us who are passionate and engaged on the issues to get involved and fight for our Wisconsin. I will fight for all Wisconsinites to help reclaim our common ground.