Scott S. Krug

Scott Krug
Candidate For Assembly District 72

Scott S. Krug

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1551 Kingswood Trail, Nekoosa, WI 54457

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Scott was born on Sept.16, 1975 in Wisconsin Rapids. In 1993, he graduated Lincoln High School and later in 1999 from Mid State Technical College.

After graduating in 1999, Scott started a career in law enforcement working for the Juneau County Sheriff’s Department. While working there, he noticed that the same individuals were returning to jail month after month. Scott set out to do something about this problem understanding that creating opportunities for people to become self sufficient was the only way to break the cycle.

After leaving Juneau County, he became the Discharge Planner at the Wood County Jail. At this point, he was responsible for keeping inmates from returning to jail. During that period, Scott helped reduce the jail recidivism rate from 81 percent to 16 percent which in turn saved the county government over $1 million. This was achieved by implementing self sufficiency plans, including employment searches.

Scott went on to start his own employment and training company called NEW Opportunities where he continues to make a mark on helping more individuals become self-sufficient citizens.

Today, Scott serves as chairman of the Children and Families Committee and the Vice Chair of the Environmental & Forestry Committee.  Scott also serves as a member of the Corrections and the Colleges & University Committees.