Wren Keturi

Wren Keturi
Candidate For Assembly District 67

Wren Keturi

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204 Allen St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

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Candidate Biography

Wren grew up in a large, blue-collar family, in a small working-class town along the Illinois River, where trade and manufacturing unions were strong and fought for a family like hers to enjoy a few middle-class comforts. That is until health challenges brought about a drastic economic shift for her family and paying for hospital bills brought them from a middle-class income to a paycheck-to-paycheck livelihood.

Her mom supported the family by working at a gas station and at a restaurant while Wren and all her siblings had part time jobs through school. It was that experience with the health care system that Wren first began to believe that healthcare should be guaranteed to all. The first time she visited Madison, taking her grandmother to see a specialist at the university there, she fell in love with the place and was set on attending college at the University of Wisconsin. Knowing that paying for college with combination of part-time jobs (as cook and a tutor) was financially out of reach, Wren, like most of her peers, also took on thousands in student loans to complete her degree.

After graduating with her bachelors degree, Wren then went on to obtain a master's degree in public health. During her time in graduate school, Wren worked as a teaching assistant and had the opportunity to help undergraduate students succeed.

As an educator, she joined the American Federation of Teachers, and was encouraged by her peers to serve as their local chapter’s President.

After Wren finished her M.P.H., she continued to work daily as an advocate for educators, students, and women. She has spent her career, thus far, working on behalf of educators and women. Since leaving school, Wren has embraced the Wisconsin Idea that your education, underwritten by the public, should be used to serve the public. She has stood on picket lines with workers, knocked doors for people running for offices ranging from mayor to president, rallied with women across the world, and marched for a better future for all. She and her fiancé Christopher bought their first home last year on the East Hill in Chippewa Falls, where Christopher has started his own small carpentry business. They adopted a beautiful dog, planted a big garden, and are happy -- but worried about the state of the State they love most.