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Between things like tickets for presidential visits, mailers and voter information flyers, Tom Schorr of Wells Print and Digital Services in Madison says he’s been busy this year. He says the recall election this summer and the controversy over voter ID laws have really boosted his business. As he was scrambling to finish materials for President Obama's final visit to Madison, he said many of his employees have been working 10-15 hours of overtime for the past two months to meet deadlines.

WPR: At Issue with Ben Merens

Ben Merens hosts an election open line. Listeners call-in and make the case for the candidate they're voting for.

Representative Baldwin says she visited four African-American churches in Milwaukee yesterday, before the Democrat dropped by a Milwaukee get-out-the-vote office during the first half of the Green Bay Packers game.

Scott Suder has represented central Wisconsin's 69th Assembly District since 1998.  Two years ago, he didn't even have a Democratic opponent.  This year, he faces a strong challenger in former radio newsman Paul Knoff, and a new map that puts  a big chunk of Marshfield, and its Democratic voters, into Suder's Republican leaning district. "It is clearly more advantageous to my opponent in terms of pure numbers," he says.

Biden hit the character argument hard in Beloit.

About 100 people took in an hour of issues that largely reflected the national Republican and Democratic talking points.  Former Democratic State Senator Pat Kreitlow says global warming can’t be ignored.  He says they have to balance industrial regulations with environmental consequences.

The road to the White House passes through Madison this morning, as President Obama makes his third campaign stop in five days in Wisconsin.  He is scheduled to appear at a rally that will include rocker Bruce Springsteen a couple of blocks from the State Capitol.

WPR: The Joy Cardin Show

WPR Director Mike Crane discusses WPR's upcoming election coverage and the latest about WPR programming and operations.

WPR: The Joy Cardin Show

WPR Reporters Shawn Johnson, Mike Simonson, Chuck Quirmbach, Glen Moberg and Maureen McCollum take a final look at the races for state Assembly and state Senate, as well as for U.S. House.

President Barack Obama told a campaign rally in Milwaukee today that  the middle class and less fortunate need a "champion."

WPR: At Issue with Ben Merens

Ben Merens and guest news analyst Ed Miller bring you Your Views on the News.

Mitt Romney made his first campaign appearance in Wisconsin in more than two months today, as spoke at State Fair Park in West Allis.  The Republican presidential candidate tried to attack President Obama's jobs record.

The proposed Keystone pipeline would be hundreds of miles from Wisconsin, carrying tar sands oil from Canada to Texas. But former Gov. Thompson doesn't let too many public appearances go by without touting the project. Thompson's talked Keystone in Eau Claire, La Crosse, you name it including during last Friday night's Senate debate in Milwaukee, in which he said the pipeline could mean 20,000 jobs, some of which would go to Wisconsin companies.

The seat is open because of the retirement of incumbent Democrat Jim Holperin. Redistricting has made the 12th more Republican, which should benefit Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst, a state representative and businessman who is running on his record, "In 2010 I made three commitments to the voters of the 35th Assembly District in north central Wisconsin. One, to pass a legitimately balanced budget. Two, to not raise taxes. And three, to have reforms of the Department of Natural Resources. And I followed through on all three of those commitments."

Four-and-a-half years ago, the former president was saying some tough things about Barack Obama while helping his wife Hillary campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination against the then-Illinois Senator. Now the former president is going to bat for the current one, and Mr. Clinton says he's far more enthusiastic today about President Obama than in 2008, "Because he's fought the fight. He's done it."

Here and Now

Reporter Zac Schultz provides an in-depth look at what President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney have accomplished in their visits to Wisconsin throughout the election season.

Here and Now

President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney hold rallies in Green Bay and West Allis respectively this week as the 2012 campaign comes to a close.

Here and Now

Wisconsin Public Radio’s Mike Simonson discusses the election in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District featuring Republican U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy and Democratic challenger Pat Kreitlow.

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Ed Garvey, senior partner at the law firm of Garvey, McNeil and Associates, and David Blaska, former Dane Co. supervisor, discuss the final stretch of the presidential campaign, Wisconsin's U.S. Senate race and the final jobs report before the election.