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WPR: The Joy Cardin Show

With just a few days until Election Day, Wendy Scattergood and Charley Jacobs look at the new numbers in the WPR/St.Norbert Survey...and what they mean for the Senate and Presidential race in Wisconsin.

According to the  Wisconsin Public Radio/St. Norbert Survey, President Obama holds a nine-percentage point lead over his Republican challenger.  Fifty-one percent of likely voters said if the election were held today, they would back Barack Obama. Forty-two percent supported Mitt Romney. 

A few days after Superstorm Sandy led President Obama to cancel a planned campaign stop in Green Bay, he was in town for a rally at Austin Straubel Airport.  

Health Care reform and job creation are the issues Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson have spent the most time and energy sparring with each other over, and polls show that's what most voters are most interested in. But sparks have also flown in their debates about how the U.S. should deal with Iran's steady progress towards building a nuclear weapon. Thompson attacked Baldwin's votes in Congress against imposing economic sanctions on Iran over the past several years, "I believe without a doubt the more severe sanctions we can have the better off we are. My opponent voted against sanctions in 2001 , 2006, 2009 and 2010 and received $60,000 from an organization that supports Iran."

A poll from Marquette University shows the President leading Republican challenger Mitt Romney 51 percent to 43 percent, among likely voters in Wisconsin. The poll was conducted last Thursday through Sunday, after the final presidential debates. The President's lead is larger than in a Marquette poll two weeks ago. Pollster Charles Franklin says more independent voters seem to be back in the Democrat's camp.

There have been a lot of changes in the Marquette poll over the last two months, as to who's leading the Senate contest. Two weeks ago, it was former Gov. Thompson up by one point. Now, Congresswoman Baldwin leads 47 to 43 percent, according to a survey of 1,200 likely voters between last Thursday and Sunday.  Marquette Pollster Charles Franklin says more voters who identify themselves as independents seem to be going Baldwin's way, "Those pesky independents are shifting again."

WPR: At Issue with Ben Merens

Join guest Kevin Kennedy as he discusses elections and voting, and what you can expect at the polls on Tuesday.

The current and former Wisconsin governors visited VES Environmental Solutions in Chippewa Falls, which specializes in fans for cooling dairy cows.  Walker says western Wisconsin and the state as a whole will be pivotal in who controls the White House and the Senate, “You think about 12 years ago when a handful of votes determined the vote not only in Florida but across the country.  That’s how close it could be here and that’s why we’re out asking for votes.”

Paul Ryan made no mention of the latest Marquette University Law School poll that has him and Mitt Romney in Wisconsin down by eight points. At his last rally of the day in his home congressional district, Ryan acknowledged the many familiar faces in the crowd, and predicted victory.

All Things Considered

One of the most liberal members of the House, Wisconsin congresswoman Tammy Baldwin was not supposed to stand a chance in a statewide Senate run after she won the Democratic primary. And, a week out from the election, she remains in a tight race with former Governor Tommy Thompson for the open seat. Wisconsin Public Radio's Shawn Johnson has this report.

Congressman Paul Ryan for about 20 minutes before a crowd of more than 600 supporters. They gathered in the warehouse of a direct mail business in Ashwaubenon, just outside Green Bay, "So thinking forward just one week did we do everything we could do? Did we talk to those independents and Democrats we know from our social services, from our Rotaries our Kiwanis?  Our friends, our relatives, our neighbors? Did we talk to those people who know we are on the wrong track? Did we talk to those people who wanted to give the benefit of the doubt to something like hope and change but realize it's not working?"

At a debate held at UW-La Crosse, Congressman Kind and Col. Boland both acknowledged that they respected one another and even agreed on some issues, like the Farm Bill and immigration reform.

WPR: The Joy Cardin Show

Charles Franklin looks at the latest numbers in the election-and the issues and breaking news in the home stretch of campaign 2012.

WPR: At Issue with Ben Merens

Ben Merens talks with political scientist Melissa Miller about the latest election updates, including Hurricane Sandy's impact on the last week of the campaign.

Democrats hold a two-seat majority in the state Senate. Republicans need to win three seats next week in order to take the lead. They're targeting a freshman democrat who won her seat in last year's recall election. The 18th District encompasses Fond Du Lac and Oshkosh.  

If you're not familiar with what Democrat Tammy Baldwin or Republican Tommy Thompson say they'd do to balance the budget, here's a quick way to get caught up. Check out the plans championed by President Obama and Mitt Romney.  The debate at the top of the ticket basically mirrors what's being discussed in Wisconsin's U.S. Senate race.

The line of cars stretched down the highway, as motorists cashed in on the four year old prices. The sign at the station read $3.54 a gallon. But Luke Hilgemann of Americans for Prosperity was pumping it for much less. He denied that the stunt was possible because of the group's wealthy donors, "We're selling gas today, the first 15 gallons at $1.84, to remind people what it was like to fill up their cars before the president's energy policies and economic policies took effect. And there's no greater place to see the effect of those policies than every day when you fill up your car."

Both President Obama and Gov. Romney put campaigning on hold while Sandy tears through the East Coast. Republican leaders billed Congressman Ryan’s event in La Crosse as a food drive, not a campaign event.

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WPR: The Joy Cardin Show

With election day less than a week away, we're holding a special straw poll edition of this week's Big Question: Which candidates will be getting your vote for President and U.S. Senate?