Here & Now 2020: A Supreme Court Candidate Special

7 p.m. Friday, March 27 – Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates Daniel Kelly and Jill Karofsky will discuss issues central to their campaigns for a seat on the state’s highest court in a candidate special that will be broadcast and available for streaming statewide.

The candidate special will occur less than two weeks before the general election on Tuesday, April 7 that will decide whether the incumbent Kelly, appointed by Gov. Scott Walker in 2016, or Karofsky, a judge on the Dane County Circuit Court, will win a 10-year term on the Supreme Court.

Absentee Ballots

Wisconsin voters can receive an absentee ballot by mail from their local municipal clerks by requesting one through the Wisconsin Election Commission's website. Absentee ballots can be returned by mail or drop-off and must be received by their local municipal clerks by 8 p.m. on the April 7 election day.


Otación Por Correo

Los votantes de Wisconsin pueden recibir una boleta ​de ausencia por correo de sus secretarios municipales locales solicitándola a través del sitio web de la Comisión Electoral de Wisconsin. Las boletas​de ausencia pueden devolverse por correo o ​llevarlas a la oficina de secretarios municipales y deben ser recibidas por sus secretarios municipales locales antes de las 8 p.m. el día de las elecciones del 7 de Abril. 


Daim Ntawv Xaiv Tsa Uas Mus Tsis Tau

Cov neeg ua muaj cai pov npav nyob rau xeev Wisconsin no, muaj cai noog tau kom tsoom fwv, xa daim ntawv pov npav tuaj rau lawv. Tab sis yuav tsum noog rau hauv lub Wisconsin Election Commission qhov website hauv internet. Thaum Koj ko npe rau daim ntawv pov npav tag lawm, koj mam xa tau daim ntawv rov qab rau koj tus municipal clerk, ua yog tus neeg ua hauj lwm tim tsoom fwv, los sis coj daim ntawv rau pem nws qhov chaws ua hauj lwm los sis city hall. Yuav tsum xa tuaj kom txog, los sis nqa mus kom txog ua ntej 8:00 PM rau lub 4 hli ntuj vanthij 7 (4/7/2020).

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