Amanda Stuck

Amanda Stuck
Candidate For Assembly District 57

Amanda Stuck

Candidate Background


1404 N Harriman St., Appleton WI 54911

Phone Number: 
(920) 450-5460

Candidate Biography

From candidate website

It is an honor and privilege to be your voice, Madison. I love this community and this state. I care deeply about each and every one of my neighbors and constituents and strive to make sure their best interests are heard in Madison.

My freshman term as a legislator has been an interesting and humbling experience. I ran for office in 2014 because I have a vision for Wisconsin. I have a vision where every child gets the very best education, where Wisconsin is a leader in renewable energy and conservation, where every single person who works hard can achieve the American Dream and families have financial security in return for hard work. I worked my way from a poor single mother to graduating with a masters degree and winning election to state office. I know the struggles families face climbing out of poverty and struggling to stay in the middle class.

I have worked hard my freshman term to push back against the special interests and corporate greed that are apparent in our state government. Our government’s first priority is to serve the people of this state and no one else.  As a mother I worry greatly about the future we are leaving our children. We can and must demand more from our political leaders.

I am asking for your support in my reelection campaign. While I have worked hard for you this term, there is still much work to be done. I ask for your vote and support to continue working on this vision for our state. Please join my team by making a donation to get our positive message out to the voters. We live in the greatest state in a great country. We need a vision fitting for such a great place. Please join me in creating this vision.