Chris Meier

Chris Meier
Candidate For Assembly District 34

Chris Meier

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1377 White Pine Dr., Eagle River, WI 54521

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From candidate's Facebook page

My name is Chris Meier, and I'm running for state representative in Wisconsin's 34th Assembly District because I believe public service is the small rent we're asked to pay to live in the United States.

I've spent my entire life in public service, and I believe we need to protect our small "d" democratic institutions and processes, as well as our small "r" republican form of government. I'm running because, like the families and communities in the 34th, I believe rural voices really matter, and I believe we can do so much better.

When I talk to folks in our district, I hear about how they want more focus on local issues and practical needs, and less on outside interests and politics as usual. People want less salesmanship and more leadership they can trust. That's exactly what they'll get when I'm elected Nov. 6.