Jason "Red" Arnold

Jason "Red" Arnold
Candidate For Senate District 7

Jason "Red" Arnold

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2610 5th Ave., South Milwaukee, WI 53172

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(414) 979-1632
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Candidate Biography

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I was born at St. Luke's Hospital in Milwaukee County in 1976. My parents met in college and were both Indiana transplants who moved up here to take teaching jobs at Milwaukee Public Schools. They bought a house in South Milwaukee in 1977, at 12-percent interest, in order to be grandfathered out of the residency rule that was to take place the following year. (Who says that doesn’t affect things.)

I graduated from South Milwaukee High School in 1994. During my tenure there I did; football, choir, madrigal feasts, solo & ensemble (winning gold medals at state), playing the lead roles in plays and musicals and I even made it onto the Homecoming Court.

I won a small theater scholarship to attend Carroll College and stayed for 2 years. I majored in biology with an emphasis in pre-med and minored in both theater and secondary education. I then transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside where I began writing music and I soon switched my major and decided drop the education minor when the education department got put on probation. The plan was to get my certification afterwards and become a teacher but fate decided otherwise.

I ran karaoke shows out of college and after three years I began a career in the automotive sector. I did everything in the automotive world except for sell cars. Preferring a more climate controlled working environment I began to transition from automotive to computers where I currently do IT contract work for various agencies. I am currently helping my wife start a photography studio and graphic design business here in South Milwaukee where we want to start a human family along with our baby birdies who currently rule the roost.

I am a fiscal conservative whom some will define as a “Gen-X Conservative” whose family comes from a very diverse background. Farmers who didn’t have indoor plumbing until the Beatles release of "Revolver," and big city Chamber of Commerce business professionals with masters degrees at the onset of World War II.

I am also a big supporter of the U.S. military, our veterans and our law enforcement officers. As a former alcoholic, seven years sober as of the day I’m writing this, I would not be alive if it weren’t for the brave men and women who protect us strangers.