Melissa Winker

Melissa Winker
Candidate For Assembly District 38

Melissa Winker

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37827 Atkins Knoll Rd., Oconomowoc, WI 53066

Candidate Biography

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I will represent you and the values that we strive to protect. My family and I deeply care about our communities and Wisconsin's amazing natural beauty. We need to advocate for our families, affordable health care, and our education systems. These are paramount to great communities. With nearly two decades of working in our public schools, I know what it takes to research and find solutions; I understand the challenges of meeting the needs of all citizens, and strive to listen to all voices within our district. It is time to stand up, stand together and make our neighborhoods better for ALL kids, ALL families, and ALL people.

​I am a 3rd generation Wisconsinite. My grandfather opened up his dentistry  practice in this district over 80 years ago. My parents live next door and I am proud to be raising my family in the natural beauty of Oconomowoc's lake country.

I am a mother of 4 amazing kids, teacher of 1000’s, and fierce advocate for protecting families, their well being, safety, education, and jobs that nurture the best of who we are. My husband of almost 20 years is a firefighter/paramedic. I understand the deep sacrifices that our first responders make for others at their darkest hours.

I have taught in our Wisconsin schools for over 17 years. I have a masters in education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I am nationally board certified. I currently teach in Oconomowoc, but have also taught at UW-Madison, Madison Public Schools, McFarland High School, and Barrow, Alaska. 

My family understands the reality of owning and managing a business with over 15 years in real estate. Navigating the business world and client relationships are familiar personal areas that matter to many small businesses.  

The issues that face our society are complex - we need representatives that listen, research, and collaborate to protect what we all value.

I come from several generations of hunters and outdoorsman who respect and cherish the resources of this state. It is important to continue to enjoy, protect and preserve our resources for our children and grandchildren.