Shae Sortwell

Shae Sortwell
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Shae Sortwell

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13219 County Road Q, Two Rivers, WI 54241

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Shae Sortwell got his start in politics while attending the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. While there, he was an active member of the College Republicans and student government, as well as the founder of the Pro-Life student organization on campus, which is still active today. 

During his sophomore year at UWGB, Shae was recruited by the Republican National Committee to be their campus coordinator to energize conservative students to support President George W. Bush's reelection bid. As part of this effort, he was deputized by our local government to register voters at UWGB. 

After graduation, Shae stayed involved, working for the following conservative/Republican efforts. 

2006- John Gard's campaign for Congress 

2008- Lincoln Strategy Group on behalf of the John McCain presidential campaign 

2010- Shae ran against a liberal incumbent on the Green Bay City Council and defeated him in a 2-1 Democrat district 

2010- Chad Weininger campaign for State Assembly 

2012- Brown County captain for the Rick Santorum presidential campaign 

2013- Brown County chairman for the WI Right to Life 

Also noteworthy in his experience is that, in 2011, Chad Weininger asked Shae to come staff his legislative Madison office because he knew that Gov. Scott Walker had an ambitious agenda and knew the liberals would be out in force. Chad wanted someone he could trust in his office when things hit the fan. 

Shae was working for Chad when the Act 10 chaos hit the state Capitol. Shae was proud to stand with Chad Weininger, Andre Jacque and Walker against the protesters that stormed the Capitol building. He was there when Capitol police told us they had lost control of the crowds and we had to get out. He was there when we were told to stay in our offices because it wasn't safe to be out in the halls. But we stood together and got the job done for the taxpayers. 

In 2015, Shae moved back to the town of Gibson in northern Manitowoc County where both his parents and brother lived. 

In 2017, he joined the Gibson Town Board as a supervisor. 

During this time, Shae also served nine years in the U.S. Army Reserve Chemical Corps, achieving the rank of sergeant before his honorable discharge in early 2018. 

Personal Life:

Shae was born in 1985 in New York while his father was serving in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear submariner. When he was 15, their family moved to Gibson, Wisconsin, near Maribel, when his father got a job at the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant. 

In 2003, Shae began attending UW-Green Bay and earned a double major in public administration and political science in 2006. 

It was while attending UWGB that Shae met his future wife, Krista, and they married in 2007. 

They now have four children: Tyler, Erin, Max and Felicity.