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Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack is continuing to defend her actions during and since the 2011 altercation between two other high court members.

Former Democratic Governor Jim Doyle offered a rare comment on the policies of Republican Governor Scott Walker following a speech in Madison: Doyle said

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Candidate statements from Wisconsin Supreme Court and State Superintendent of Public Instruction hopefuls. Candidate statements are free broadcast airtime offered by Wisconsin Public Television to registered candidates for statewide and federal offices. Each candidate is allowed up to five minutes to make his or her direct unedited appeal to Wisconsin voters.

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Anchor Frederica Freyberg sits down for an in-depth conversation with the two candidates in the Department of Public Instruction election, incumbent state Superintendent Tony Evers and state Rep. Don Pridemore, R-Hartford.

Democratic state legislators say they are hopeful members of the Republican-controlled legislature will support a proposed bill to close a loophole in

A bill that could cut back on the number of hours people could vote absentee in elections is generating heat from voting rights activists.

WPR: The Joy Cardin Show

The spring general elections are less than two weeks away! Tune in for a straw poll for the two statewide races: If the election were held today, which candidate would get your vote for state Supreme Court justice and for state superintendent?

Governor Scott Walker got some help from Hollywood during a state tourism news conference today when he was asked to clarify his position on gay marriage.

Governor Scott Walker is backing away from comments he made in an interview with the news organization Politico over the weekend about his ambitions for

WPR: The Joy Cardin Show

Ed Fallone discusses his candidacy for state Supreme Court and his race against incumbant Pat Roggensack

WPR: The Joy Cardin Show

Justice Patience Roggensack answers listeners' questions about her candidacy in the state Supreme Court elections.

Republican Attorney General JB Van Hollen said today that despite an ongoing legal dispute, a circuit court ruling invalidating Wisconsin's collective

Governor Scott Walker will deliver the keynote address at a GOP fundraiser in Iowa in May, fueling speculation that he might have presidential ambitions.

Two governors met in Milwaukee today for a closed-door fundraiser, while outside the event, groups raised concerns about health care coverage for people

Lawyers who seek to challenge the state’s new mining law in court will likely use the Wisconsin's Public Trust Doctrine, a constitutional protection as old

Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett have set aside their differences long enough to cooperate on a multi-million dollar road project in

Nearly two weeks into the sequester, Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans continue to blame each other for the automatic federal spending cuts.

Here and Now

Anchor Frederica Freyberg sits down for an in-depth discussion with the two remaining candidates in the 2013 Wisconsin Supreme Court election, incumbent Justice Pat Roggensack and Marquette University law professor Ed Fallone.

The State Assembly is debating a major rewrite of Wisconsin's iron mining laws aimed at clearing the way for a massive open pit mine in Iron and Ashland

As lawmakers debate a controversial re-write of Wisconsin’s mining laws, Native American tribes spoke out today against a proposed iron ore mine that the